Access decades of climate data in seconds without processing gigabytes of raw data


Get unadulterated weather datasets such as ERA5, HRRR, and GFS for your analysis


Trusted by the most demanding users, from Fortune 500 companies to government agencies

Stand on the Shoulders of Giants

Access climate and weather datasets produced by world's leading meteorological agencies in seconds.

We extract and transform terabytes of raw data every day into cloud-optimized, analysis-ready format.



Years of global historical weather data from 1940


Weather parameters available in JSON, CSV, NetCDF formats


Terabytes of analysis-ready data for fast time-series access

Introducing Weather Data Downloader

Download weather data to CSV - without any code and for any location

Download forecast or decades of historical weather data as time-series in seconds

Download most up-to-date AMY or TMY EPW file for building energy simulation

Specify hourly, daily, or monthly data, available as mean, max, or min value

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Drury B Crawley, PhD (FASHRAE, BEMP, FIBPSA) / Linda Lawrie (FASHRAE, FIBPSA)


"Using globally available solar radiation data from Oikolab, Climate One Building is able to completely revise and publish up-to-date set of TMYx files through 2021 for more than 17000 locations around the world. The quality of the data service and the support from Oikolab is superb."

Kevin J. Kircher

Mech. Engineering Professor @ Purdue University

“Worked a lot with oikoweather data this week, and it was a pleasure. Clean weather data, granular in space and time. Decades of historical data and continually updated forecasts. Easy python API, free access. Definitely recommend!”

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Simple Pricing

A single API call can return data size ranging from 10 KB to 10 GB so we use the following definitions for metering:

1 data unit = 1 location x 1 parameter x 1 month


1 data unit = 1 deg lat x 1 deg lon x 1 parameter x 1 month (NetCDF)

Pay As You Go

$0.01 / unit

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done Includes 1500 units/month for free
done Historical data from 1940
done Global Forecast Models
done Air Quality Forecast
done Up to 2500 units per call
done Sign-up without credit card

$150 / month

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done Includes 50,000 units, $0.005/unit afterwards
done All available data in the Pay As You Go plan
done Regional Forecast Models
done Seasonal Forecast Models
done Up to 5000 units or 10 locations per call

Contact Us

Contact Us

done All available data in the Business plan
done Ensemble Forecast (GEFS)
done ERA5Land (9km)
done Gridded Data (NetCDF)
done Up to 25,000 units or 100 locations per API call

Are you a university student or researcher? Please ask your librarian if Oikolab data is available through your library subscription.